Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stone Angels Round Robin, Inside Back Cover and Back Cover


Anonymous said...

Lovely covers and pages! What a great rr this will be...


Kim said...

Caryl , you've outdone yourself! Your stone angels work (all of it , not just this bit I'm commenting on)is very cool. I stick to my statement about how you art - you are an over-achiever if ever there was there was there wassssss , what wonderful wonderful art you doessss
sorry don't know what came over me there.

Mija said...

Caryl, i'm so glad you left a link to your blog at altered chix. i'm always inspired by your art and the colors and various techniques you use. and my oh my, you've been busy this year already! all the pieces you've posted are FABULOUS!!!!! Your stone angels book is glorious!

thanx for all the eye candy.