Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little painting....

I really haven't gotten much done lately (tis sad...!)

But here's a little painting 8x10 painting.

I tweaked it a little with an iphone application.

Love my iphone, and I love looking for new apps
and playing with them!

Maybe that's why I don't get much painting done... :oD


najma said...

it's really cute
love the colours and the ambient in it
hope you're having a nice day
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Gee Caryl,
You seem to have the Zetti thing going on in all of your art ;). I love this image.

Mary Wilkins

Debby said...

Beautiful, beautiful. love her.

Janny said...

Really lovely!

Pretty Things said...

Sweet! I love her stockings!

abby j said...

Hi Caryl,

I've been enjoying your blog but now that I have a new blog, I'm realizing the importance of commenting...not just looking and appreciating. I've added your blog address to my blog's blog list...I love it!!

Abby Lazar

Karen said...

Caryl, I LOVE this painting!!!! Love me iphone too, aren't they just the kewlest??

Heather said...

Your painting is soooo pretty. Your one creative gal!!!!
Heather H

abby j said...

Amazing that you did that on your iphone. I have an iphone and didn't know you could do that...must check out the apps and try... sweet painting, Caryl!! Happy Holidays, Abby Lazar

Marva said...

Oh I love her ! She's very Lolita! :D

Annoymous said...

you have a unique style
i like it

alex said...

Good to love your painting .it's a masterpiece ..
brilliant ideas!

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Kolton's Mama said...

haha your art is beautiful.

im addicted to my iphone too!!

Marshall Lynch said...

Wow! its a perfect painting, all the decorations are just amazing, you did a great job.

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Marshall Lynch said...

Hey! I like your unique style and idea's, just keep em coming.

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