Saturday, January 23, 2010

Come Ride the Magic Carpet Ride; OWOH Giveaway!

Are you Ready to Go on a Magic Carpet Ride?

To a Whole New World?

A World Full of Giving Loving Hearts and Kindred Souls?

Then Welcome to the OWOH Magic Carpet Ride 2010 GIVEAWAY!

Jump on your Magic Carpet and start visiting Blogs from all Over this Big Wonderful World!

If you don’t know what the One World One Heart is all about, just click on the above link and read all about it!

Lisa started and hosts this wonderful yearly event that makes this big old world just a wee bit smaller by hundreds of wonderful people posting giveaways on their blogs! Now how’s that for a thrilling Magic Carpet Ride?

So if you want to enjoy a great ride... jump on your carpet and fly to my OWOH giveaway! The rules are pretty simple…

All you need is some type of blog and to leave me a comment on this post! (You must have a blog so I can contact you thru your comment, as Lisa started this event for bloggers!)

I’ll be closing the posts on February 15, 2010 at 5pm cst. I'll then use the random number generator to draw the winners!

I will post the winners on my blog, click on the winners links, and contact them thru the email on their blogs...

Pretty simple, eh?

Is that not truly MAGIC?

And now, FOR MY giveaway ..............

#ONE in Keeping with the Magic Carpet Ride Theme....

My original hand-drawn mixed media painting
"Magic Ride"

And #TWO for the One World One HEART, I give from My Heart to Yours!

My original hand drawn mixed media painting
"From my Heart"

Good Luck and Thank You so much for stopping by my Blog!