Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Book Charity Auction and Fab Store!

"To Hold Dearly"

This is the piece that I donated to the "First Book" Charity Auction. I use a 12x24 piece of birch wood. Wood burn the figures, paint with acrylics, scrapbook papers for the background with stamps, etc. I added modeling paste around the edges to create the swirls.

NOW, I have to share about a fabulous store!

We recently visited London, then took a wonderful Scandinavian cruise...

Check out this bag!

Doesn't it just ROCK?!?!? I love it! You can get one from
It's called a Graffiti bag and YOU can have what you want printed on it! I selected London, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge to honor our recent visit, and when the bag arrived, I was thrilled! It was MORE then I expected! It's got lovely handles, pockets, little metal feet on the bottom.... You should check out their website... They've got some AWESOME products... Just had to show off my new stuff. Don't we all love our stuff? :)

Monday, June 07, 2010


I am dreaming...
A peaceful dream......
"Dreaming of Morning"

Actually, my painting is Dreaming of Morning...
but I'm Dreaming of the Wonderful Vacation
that I had, and how Lovely it was to Meet the
She is ONE SPECIAL LADY! She's just as cute as a button and as sweet as can be! I want to go back to London.

Now.... please!

Oooo! And guess who else I saw! The Queen! Which was quite the thrill for me! (Is one allowed to share photos of the Queen?)

I've got tons of vacation pics, so I going to share some fabulous finds as soon as I manage to put my paints away and sort thru my digital desktop mayhem... ;)