Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Fall, Happy October!

               I love the Colors!
                      I love the smells!
                              I love the chill in the air!
       It is just an exciting time of the year.....!

And I've been having a great time painting!

I'm looking forward to going in all the Halloween stores and putting up all the decorations.

All the wonderful colors of fall and stomping thru all the crunching leaves....

In fact, I'm going so far as to bake a pumpkin cake today.

Yes, you read that right, I'm going to BAKE

I can't wait to get the house all yummy smelling and all orange looking.... :)

So I hope you are enjoying your fall weekend...

 Maybe you too are getting out there and having a taffy apple, or a slice of pie or looking for your perfect halloween costume!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

ABSENT! (sorry I've been so MIA.....)

but lots of new art!

Boy oh boy, have I been gone for a long time or what?  I do apologize..
But what has been new..... ooooo, lots of things!

I've been selling locally in a lovely little shop!  And that's been taking alot of my time.  Over the years I thought I had quite the inventory, but I was so, so, 

WRONG! Therefore I've been on a creative binge!

Here's a photo of trying to move in quite a few of my paintings and mixed media pieces into the shop!

I love this quaint little shop in the downtown area of
Bloomington, Illinois.  It's Mary Lynne Garden Shop/Knit Shop if you are Ever in the Area.  Lots of nice jewelry artist, paper artist, baskets and of course knitting!

I've had so many different pieces going in my art room.... I'd just move from one piece to another!  It's actually been quite interesting.  So I finally took quite a few new ones down to the shop last night, and I thought my oh my, I best update my blog, too!

It's been such a long hot... oh so hot and dry summer.  There really hasn't been much to do but stay inside in air conditioning and paint.

My little dollies marched all over my art table, here's a little sample of those... they were quite fun when you've got your music pumped up and just let them roam all over the place drying.  It's like they were having their own little dance club.

I hope everyone has is well.  We are getting the rains of Isaac today.  We have been sooooo dry all
year and now in one weekend we are going to get slammed.  But that's about it for now!  I hope to add more soon!  Squeezes!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Angel for a Friend

I painted this Angel for a Dear Dear Friend who turned 50.  She admired this Angel and so wanted it... but I had sold it.  So it took her turning 50 to get me in my art room and painting again!  Which I guess is a good thing right?  

At least it's all starting to feel natural to be in that room again, so I'm thankful to her for the "push" it took because I really needed a big old boot!  Happy Birthday my friend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alice Trio (of long forgotten paintings....)

I had actually forgotten I had these paintings. I'm in a cleaning mode... Big time.

I mean, I have been cleaning this closet. And that closet.

And this closet and that closet. And EVEN the attic!

AND then there they were....

Unwrapped them and wow. I rather liked them....

Already had someone claim them, but thought I'd show them anyway.... I kind of like all the swirls and colors, and I hope you do, too!

I can't believe all the cleaning I've done. This has been going on for sometime, and I do believe I've kind of run myself ragged, or I hope so.... The boxes are now starting to sit there. So I'm hoping to begin to do art again. Or at least I'm hoping. :)